Tonight, I am honoured with the Global Gift Humanitarian Award and I can’t be happier. It’s amazing that Maria thinks I deserve this award, that motivates me to continue creating awareness. My relationship with her is getting closer, we are happy to work together, and to think about new ways in which we can change the planet.


I started working with the Global Gift Foundation six years ago, in Dubai. I love Eva Longoria and María Bravo, they are two incredible women, and this is a unique experience. I am very happy and honoured to be here celebrating their cause.


Maria and Eva do a wonderful job helping many families and children around the world. Of all the foundations I have worked this has a warmth, something special that makes me believe in what they are doing. I will always be here for what they need; support, raise awareness… I am very proud to be a Global Gifter.

Alesha Dixon

The Global Gift Foundation recognizes the work of a series of NGOs that focus on the development of education around the world. This is something that I am very proud to support, and I am very lucky to have the opportunity to do so through Global Gift.

Will Poulter

The Global Gift Foundation is a worldwide known foundation, so it´s a real honour to be able to present its charity gala tonight and be able to help the three foundations involved.

Laura Hamilton

I know the work that Global Gift does and it´s extraordinary. It´s a privilege and an honour to be part of this and be able to help.

James Nesbitt

Is wonderful to be here for this great Global Gift Foundation. An incredible opportunity to benefit children in need, children around the world. An organization like this, having sponsors who are so kind hearted and generous of philanthropic spirit it´s a great celebration. I´m very proud to be here.

Pierce Brosnan

The work that Maria does is really amazing, so my wife and I talked to her and decided to team up and do this annual event together.

Ronan Keating

That María and Eva count on me as ambassador is really an honour, I hope to be worthy of it and every day I try harder to get more help and that help reaches more people.

Belinda Washington

I love that CSI Invitational are benefitting Global Gift, and that they have this kind of weekend. A lot of great organizations do this kind of golf tournaments and bring a lot of people together that want to do good for somebody, and I think it’s a really good thing they are giving to Global Gift because they are totally trustworthy, totally wonderful and give everything to charity. I´m very picky about which charities I support. I believe in them a lot and I believe in Maria.

Pamela Anderson

I think the most beautiful part of these Global Gifters as Maria, Eva, Anastacia and myself, is that we all try to empower women all over the world, because in many places women are treated very badly, so we have to make an effort to transmit them strength and they can decide for themselves what they want or do not want to do.

Melanie Griffith

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